52 Gallerie del Pasubio – 52 Pasubio galleries

Data: From the end of May to the end of October

The 52 Pasubio Galleries are an extraordinary historical testimony and a unique experience for nature and history lovers. Located on the slopes of Monte Pasubio in the Venetian Prealps, these tunnels were built during the First World War to allow the transport of troops and supplies across the mountain massif.

These tunnels, dug into the living rock, offer a suggestive route approximately six kilometers long, through breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views of the valley below. Each gallery is a monument to the determination and courage of the soldiers who fought in these places during the war.

Today, the 52 Pasubio Galleries represent an unmissable tourist destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the history and nature of the Venetian mountains. The route is accessible on foot and is suitable for hikers of all experience levels, although some sections may be challenging and require good physical shape.

Visiting the 52 Pasubio Galleries is a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure, exploring one of the most evocative and significant places of the Great War in Italy.

Campogrosso Ring, AVIS Tibetan Bridge, Pasubio Ossuary

Data: All the year

Explore the enchanting Campogrosso Ring, a suggestive circular route that embraces the majestic Sengio Alto group, on the border between the suggestive provinces of Vicenza and Trento. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience through breathtaking landscapes and iconic points of interest along the way, including the Pasubio Ossuary and the evocative Avis Suspension Bridge.
After completing the fascinating walking route, just a few kilometers away, we invite you to explore the marvelous Brazzavalle Waterfall from its unique observation point: the glass cube. Located in the charming town of Balasso in Valli del Pasubio, this enchanting waterfall rises in the heart of the forest, reaching a height of approximately 30 metres.

What makes Brazzavalle Waterfall truly unique is its glass cube, which offers a perspective on the splendid waterfall. Surrounded by the surrounding nature, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view, admiring the power and beauty of this natural element.

Prepare to immerse yourself completely in the magic of this enchanted place, where the fusion between nature and technology offers an unforgettable experience. Visit the Brazzavalle Waterfall and be enchanted by its timeless beauty through the transparent crystal of its glass cube.

Val Fontana D’oro

Data: From the end of May to the end of October

Discover the suggestive Val Fontana d’Oro, a true naturalistic treasure that originates at the foot of the majestic Soji Rossi. This ancient path, among the most historic of Monte Pasubio, was made accessible during the First World War by the valiant Aosta Battalion, a century ago.

In 2017, thanks to the work of the Municipality of Valli del Pasubio, Val Fontana d’Oro was restored to its ancient beauty after nine years of closure due to landslides in the upper part of the route.

The start of the path passes through a dense forest which gradually opens up towards the suggestive Val Fontana d’Oro, characterized by wide expanses and imposing rock walls that embrace the landscape.

The path has steep and tortuous sections that lead towards the Boale Rosso, a particular point of the route, which for years was impassable due to landslides. Thanks to recent renovation works, it is now possible to cross it and access the Road of the 52 Tunnels.

The excursion also offers the possibility of continuing towards the Rifugio Papa or tackling the final part of the Cinque Cime ferrata path, offering emotions and breathtaking views at every step. Discover the magic of this historical and natural itinerary, full of charm and adventure.